Thursday 1 February 2018

3 Ways To Make Everyday A Special Occasion

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3 Ways To Make Everyday A Special Occasion

3 Ways To Make Everyday A Special Occasion

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t save the good china”, but we tend to have that attitude with many aspects of life, don’t we? For some reason we feel we must wait for a special occasion before we can treat ourselves and our surroundings as special.

Start living now.

Stop saving the good china for that special occasion.

Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes.

Every day you are alive is a special occasion.

Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.

~ Mary Manin Morrissey

Let’s not allow life to be lived in a state of waiting! Let's enjoy the here and now and treat each day as a special occasion! I have a few tips to get us started.


#1 Way To Make Everyday A Special Occasion...

Surround yourself with beauty. I didn’t say surround yourself with fancy things or surround yourself with expensive things… but beautiful things, items that make you feel special.

It’s all in the details!

There is no need to be extravagant (unless you want to of course, and if you do I say go for it!!) we can make use of what we already have in front of us or we can get creative.

I happen to love fresh flowers in my home. Sometimes my husband surprises me with a bouquet and I truly love those special moments and his thoughtfulness. But I don’t wait around for him to gift me with roses. When I’m in the mood to brighten things up with blossoms I’ll stop by the flower shop in my local grocery store and see what's on sale. Or, I’ll take advantage of what’s right outside my backdoor. In the spring and summer I can create beautiful bouquets with the wildflowers, greens, and branches I find in our yard.


#2 Way To Make Everyday A Special Occasion...

Surrounding yourself with beauty includes YOURSELF. There is no rule saying that you must wait for a holiday or an invitation to a party before you are allowed to get dressed up. Make everyday special and chose to put your best foot forward! It’s awfully tough for a day to feel special when you’re lying around in ripped up sweatpants that haven’t been washed in three days (I may be speaking from experience here).

Life is too short to feel blah. Wake up each day and dress with intention, wear what makes you feel fabulous!

#3 Way To Make Everyday A Special Occasion…

Slow down. We all lead very full lives and occasionally the busyness of living can creep in and take over, it can steal our calm and our sanity.

We have to consciously tell ourselves to slow down. Don’t swallow your food at your desk as you hurriedly finish a few more emails, and don’t fly through drive through and stuff yourself with something that may not be the best choice and tell yourself that you don’t have time for anything else as you rush to get the kids to soccer practice. Sit down, preferably at a table, and offer yourself the gift of a few minutes to focus on the meal and not on the next to-do list.

Fill your home with music, light your favorite candles, get outside for five minutes and breath in the fresh air. Let’s all take a deep breath and stop hurrying through life, instead lets focus on our blessings.


~ Every day you are alive is a special occasion!