Thursday 24 May 2018

I'm ready Lord, use ME!
well... umm... maybe not?

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“I’m ready Lord, use me. Let me do your work for your purpose.

Umm, except for that. I didn’t think you’d ask me to do that.”


This has been me over the past two months.

I had been asking God to use me to fill His purpose, I was ready to walk whatever path He placed my on. And I meant it when I said it.

Until it became clear what He intended that I do.


As Christians we know that the safest place to be is in God’s will.


So what stops us from taking steps on the path He clearly wants us to be on? Why do we shy away from putting ourselves out there and being seen?



Fear keeps us from telling our story when we know it has the potential to be used to shine His healing into someone else’s heart.

Fear has us saying no when Jesus urges us to say yes.

We fear that others will judge us. We fear the unknown.

We fear that we do not have all the answers, the skills, or the abilities. We fear that we are less than capable of handling what is asked of us.


Does that sound familiar friends?

Please tell me that I am not alone in this :)


When you face a task that you know you are to complete but find unappealing, or you're given an assignment that you know is meant for you yet you feel absolutely ill-equipped to tackle, do the excuses flood your mind and allow you to rationalize why this time you should just let the fear win?

Bravery is not the absence of fear, it’s feeling that fear and taking a step forward despite it. Capable does not equal knowing all, it is admitting that you know very little but are willing to learn. And, stepping into a calling is not always bright lights and praise-filled acknowledgments, sometimes it is just plain grueling and leaves you crushingly unappreciated.

Our Heavenly Father has plans for each one of us. It's not our job to understand the details of that plan, but if we can push through the fear and keep a Kingdom mindset, He will equip us and use us in ways more incredible than we can fathom today.


What are you letting fear hold you back from? Can you embrace that fear and bravely shout “I’m ready Lord, use me!”?

         ~ Ali  

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