Monday 10 September 2018

Keeping Your Home Tidy
5 TIPS (plus a 6th bonus tip!)

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Let’s admit it, cleaning our homes is often a big job, and once it’s clean we are then faced with the bigger job of KEEPING it clean.

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned over the years about keeping a tidy home without (too much) effort ...


TIP # 1: It helps to Break Chores Down into Smaller Tasks.

When your house is tidy it means less large jobs to tackle at once. By doing a little bit each day to maintain the clean home the task of keeping a tidy house is much more manageable.

If I take a couple of minutes to wipe down toilets and mirrors every morning then the cleaning of bathrooms goes much more quickly when it’s time to do a deeper clean.

I’ll often dust furniture while I’m on the phone. I can easily do this task while chatting and those quick wipes with a rag keep the dust from caking on and giving me trouble.


TIP # 2 : Do laundry daily

When all of the kids were living at home I was washing clothes for our family of six… that’s a lot of grimy socks and used bath towels! If I would wait and only do the washing once or twice a week those piles would grow enormous. When I was finally ready to tackle the job I’d spend all day sorting, washing, folding, and then often I’d find myself at the end of the day with piles of folded clothing waiting to be put away in drawers and closets, and other piles of clean clothes growing wrinkled because I hadn’t found time to fold them yet.

I can toss a load into the washing machine first thing in the morning, by the time we’ve finished breakfast they’re ready for me to hang them to dry, or throw them into the dryer, and then before dinner I take five minutes to fold the clothes and put them out of sight and in their proper places.

By doing laundry nearly every day I avoid the issue of all of those dirty clothes piling up everywhere. And, I can more easily manage sorting, washing, folding, AND putting away one or two loads of clothes each day than I can manage doing all of that for five or six loads of wash once a week.


TIP # 3 : Find the right tools

There are nearly endless options out there for cleaning products and gadgets. Take some time to evaluate the cleaning tasks you dread and then research the various options that could make cleaning simpler and faster for you.

My health and joint pain makes vacuuming extremely difficult for me. We have hardwood floors throughout our main level and while they’re sturdy and beautiful floors it’s impossible not to notice every bit of dirt that collects on them. I used to power through the pain and vacuum those floors every few days. Until I got smart and realized that there were other options out there for me… I didn’t need to keep using my 342 pound 18 year old Kirby. (I may be exaggerating slightly. I LOVE that vacuum cleaner but it is h.e.a.v.y!).

I found a small, inexpensive, and very light little vacuum cleaner that has enough power to suck up those dust-bunnies and kitty fur, and it won't break my back to use it every other day. Yay! I am much more willing to clean the floors regularly now that it causes me less pain.



TIP # 4 : Make your bed kids!

Not just the kids but mom and dad too!

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and is often the first place that people look when they enter the space. When it’s messy the entire bedroom appears messy.

Making the bed can transform the feeling of the room. So straighten those blankets and fluff those pillows first thing in the morning (it’s okay to get your cup of coffee first).   

Sometimes the bed making process takes a little bit longer when one of the pups breaks a house rule and snuggles into our blankets once we've left the room.

They are so adorable that it breaks my heart just a teensy bit to kick them off the bed.

On those days I'll enjoy two cups of coffee before focusing on the naughty pups and the bed.


Bonus Tip From Mr. Carter: Never leave dirty dishes in the sink.

My husband does not have many rules, and although he enjoys a tidy house he is pretty unconcerned about how much (or how little) I clean. However, he is adamant about all of the dishes being done at the end of the day.

Sometimes I am exhausted and not in the mood to worry over the plates and cups towering in the kitchen sink, but when we take the time to wash them up, or load them into the dishwasher, and wipe down the countertops, I am always grateful for it the next day. I really do love the feeling of walking into a clean kitchen in the mornings.


Now it’s your turn my friends!

Any tips for the rest of us? How do you keep your home tidy?


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