Monday 13 November 2017

Sometimes you have a FLOP. Not every attempt will be successful.
Whether cooking or baking, recipe development is like anything else… you get better with practice and good or bad is pretty subjective.

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R e c i p e   F l o p s

We were passing the time the way any two girlfriends might while traveling in the car together, chatting about food.

She asked me if I ever have any flops when in the kitchen creating new recipes.

Ummm…. YES. All. The. Time.

I can see how the assumption could be made that every creation that finds it’s way onto this blog, or the Ali’s Kitchen column pages of the CT magazine, was the perfect first attempt.

I am all about being real and authentic here, so let me assure you that this assumption is not true.

You’re only seeing the end result of what might have taken hours or days or 3 dozen different tries to get it "right".You’re witness to just the little snippet shared in the picture, post, or article.

(This is such a perfect time for me to remind you of what I shared in this POST about social media. My kids tell me that I tend to rant when I get on certain subjects. This is one of those subjects. So, I apologize if you feel that I am ranting here but I prefer to think of it as sharing passionate thoughts. Either way, go read the post. Seriously, I think there is some good stuff! And the concept is the same there as it is here …  do not make assumptions or comparisons based on the small little moment of someone’s life, or work, you see. This is not the whole picture. Ok, rant over. Back to my recipe flops).

Ideas and inspiration are always floating into my mind and I find it a fun challenge to see if the flavors and measurements I envision will come together to make something fabulous!

Many of those ideas end up quite good the first time I attempt them in my home kitchen. But some are inedible flops.    

Flops mean pizza delivery night at our house.

A perfect example... the picture above is from the one time I attempted to make gluten free potato gnocchi.


It was a sticky messy flop. I couldn't roll the little dumplings quite right, and the end result tasted like old glue (not that I've ever actually eaten old glue, but ...).

This my friends ended up being one of those pizza nights at the Carter house. And we were all perfectly ok with that.

Whether cooking or baking, recipe development is like anything else… you get better with practice, and good or bad is pretty subjective. Not everyone will like what you create and not every attempt is a success. Knowing that gives some freedom to just enjoy the process.