Thursday 11 January 2018

What Are Your Hopes For 2018?
Welcome 2018!

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Welcome 2018!

Helpful Suggestions For Making Your List of Intentions

and Outlining YourGoals

Well my friends, here we are at the start of the second week of the new year and I am sitting here contemplating all of my dreams and goals for the upcoming months and soaking in the meaning of the word I chose for myself this year (I’ll do a separate post on that very soon!).

2017 was a good year and allowed for some incredible adventures for me and my family … my first grandchild was born, our middle son started college, we helped to organize a second annual Feed My Starving Children event, I began some soul quenching new ministry work, we took a family vacation to sunny Florida, enjoyed my very first cruise, and made so many wonderful memories with friends.

The start of this new year ushers in all kinds of possibility and so much newness that part of me is a bit frightened by it all. I think it has something to do with the unknowns and my awareness that new adventures mean getting out of my comfort zones. But none of us can grow and become our very best selves if we keep doing the same familiar things day after day, right?

Anyway... the feelings of anticipation and excitement that fill me definitely overshadow any fear.

I recently sat down and created my list of intentions for this brand new year and wrote out what I plan to experience in the next twelve months. I hope that by sharing a little glimps at my intentions I can inspire you to get excited about the wonderful possibilities that this year holds for YOU (and, when you put a list like this out for all your friends to see it tends to keep you accountable, and I have a feeling that I'll need some accountability partners in the next months).   ;)

But I'd first like to share some helpful tips on how I set my intentions for each new year. I know many of you are "list makers" just like I am and find a strange thrill in taking pen to paper. So, grab your prettiest pen and a notebook and think over these few questions to help spark ideas for your 2018. 

  • How do I want to FEEL at the close of this year?

  - How can I usher that feeling into each of my days? 

  - What tiny step can I take each day to make progress toward that feeling?

  • Who does God want me to be?

  - How would my loved ones describe me? Am I comfortable with this description?

  - What pressings to I feel on my heart?

  - Is my time being spent wisely?

  - Which relationships need some extra nurturing? How can I nurture them?

  - Where can I make adjustments to my priorities?

  - What are my strenghts? Weaknesses?


So, after contimplating those questions and doing some deep thinking I was able to come up with answers that solidified my personal vision for my upcoming year. Then I jotted down the plan and intentions I have to help create that vision. Remember to be gentle with yourself, these are not resolutions and are not set in stone, but rather a list to revisit often and use as a reminder of who you want to be and what you want to accomplish. Your list may need some tweeking and adjusting as the weeks go by and this is ok.

My intentions for 2018…

  • Make quiet time each and every morning a non-negotiable priority (devotions, bible time, etc)

  • Unplug on Saturdays and focus on my family

  • Publish my book

  • Finish writing the devotional I started in 2017

  • Get outside to walk and breath in the fresh air each day (even in our bitterly cold WI winters!)

  • Become more comfortable praying out loud

  • Create (and stick to) a schedule for the Life On Granite Ridge blog and social media

  • Keep a clean and organized home

  • Pamper myself (without guilt)

  • Explore my little city more

And with that I say, “Welcome 2018!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!!”.

What are your goals for this year? Do you make a list and post it where you can see it each day… or am I the only one who does that??