Friday 16 June 2017

Who do you think you are anyway?

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Have you ever had something laid on your heart and you simply can not stop thinking about it?

If you’re like me you latch onto that thought and spend nearly every second of the next day or two planning and dreaming and researching. You find yourself filled to the brim with the intent of running with this new idea and seeing it blossom into reality.

Then the daily responsibilities of life settle back onto you and your focus is pulled away from this new idea, this new mission, and it’s placed back onto your home and family where perhaps it should be.

Yet, even while washing dishes, chauffeuring children, and fulfilling obligations, the thought remains and the desire still tugs at your heart.

As days slide by and distance is placed between you and the dream that once was so shiny and new you begin to question if you were in your right mind when the idea first sprang forth. Now the idea seems dulled and scary. How could you even consider taking on such a huge feat? Who do you think you are anyway? You don’t have the right skills or abilities to make this happen. And, if somehow you did get the idea off the ground, no one would be interested in what you have to share anyway. This is really such a silly idea. You can’t believe you wasted those precious days doing all that planning and researching.

Who do you think you are!?

Each time you feel the tiny tingle of inspiration you push it away and you don’t dare encourage the stirring that still drums in your heart.

One of my issues (and my friends I will admit to you that I have MANY) is that I feel best in taking on a new project when I have all of the facts in front of me and feel pretty confident that I know the outcome of what I am about to do.

In this life that rarely occurs.

That leaves me with the choice to either not move forward with something (once in awhile this ends up being a good thing and saves me some tears, fear is not always a detriment), or I can take the steps forward and prepare myself to suffer the consequences of whatever comes … good or bad.

This is where I have found myself over the recent months.

It is no longer comfortable for me to sit stuck in a place of fear and self doubt. Slowly I have been allowing myself to believe that maybe, just maybe, these little ideas are actually meant to happen. Perhaps this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this time in my life.

So here we go. This is me jumping in. Hands are shaking and heart is beating fast. My self talk is less than kind and I am struggling to keep her quiet. But… still… jumping in!

Do you know that Life On Granite Ridge is a year old? Yes, I celebrated a first anniversary!

Well, one year, two months, and and a handful of days old.

My very first post was a recipe for Quiche with a Hashbrown Crust (still a fabulous recipe by the way, you can find it by clicking HERE) and since that posting I have safely stuck with what I know; food and cooking for my family. With a few articles about home decorating projects(like this one HERE and HERE) thrown in the mix on rare occasions. 

When I felt especially daring over the past year I’d open my heart a teeny bit further and share with you my feelings about being a mother or the self doubt I faced as we began our partnership with Feed My Starving Children (I really poured my heart out on that one! If you're curious you can find that HERE).

I am still not sure what the future holds for Life On Granite Ridge but I know that I am open to oportunities and have certain changes in the works already! 

This is where I become a bit vulnerable and admit to you that I believe that this pulling on my heart over the past months is God’s not so gentle nudge for me to take the next steps on the path he has been trying to place my feet on.

Typing that phrase causes that darn thought of, “who do you think you are?”  to shout cruelly in my head again. That frustrating convincing voice of doubt. Who am I to think God has a special plan for me? A calling? Seriously, why would I be called to anything?

Well, why not?

Why not me? We all have a purpose and I am tremendously anxious and excited to be in mine.

Slowly I am able to view my path a little more clearly every day. There have been setbacks and I know that none of these steps forward will be simple or perfect.


It is time for me to stop playing it safe, time to open my heart wide, and to dig deep into the muck of the work that this new direction requires. It is time to be open and vulnerable and unafraid of how others may view me.

Time to allow myself to be nudged in the right direction :)

Over the next months you will see some changes here at Life On Granite Ridge. Of course I’ll still be posting delicious recipes and sharing tidbits of our time in the potato industry and our daily occurrences in our life...

After all these are the blessings that make up my world and what I will always enjoy sharing with you.

While I can't fully articulate what changes you will see here or why you should stick around... I will say that I hope you do!

I hope you learn with me and grow with me, and offer me your feedback. I hope that together we build a community of supportive people who encourage one another!

One change that will be pretty obvious to you is the layout of this website. You'll see new verbiage and tabs and pictures. Bare with me as I learn my way through codeing and this puzzling online world.

Oh... yes... I mentioned pictures...

I have had the wonderful experience of working with Ellen from Expressions Photography. She had taken the senior pictures of our two oldest sons and did a great job! As I've gotten to know her and shared with her about Life On Granite Ridge she has offered her skills and provided me with beautiful photographs to use here. 

I hope to aspire to even a little of her talent as I am primarily the photographer (I use that term loosly when referring to myself) for my day to day articles and social media posts. My abilities are small at the moment but that too is something I am striving to improve on.

The new and updated pictures of me throughout this site and my Facebook page are the result of Ellen's keen eye and camera skills. She is a talented photographer and a truly sweet woman! Check out her FB page HERE for more of her work.

Aside from the beautiful new photographs that will be making their debut in the next weeks, and the actual website adjustments and layout changes, the other changes may slowly tiptoe in.

We shall see.

Right now I am simply focusing on placing my feet onto the path everyday and doing my best to listen to that still small voice for His guidance.