Welcome to Life On Granite Ridge.


Why the name?

Granite Ridge is the name lovingly given to the country property that Alison and her family call home. Located in the heart of Wisconsin they are surrounded by God’s beautiful creation.


At Life On Granite Ridge we want you, dear reader, to ...
Alison writes and speaks about life… all of the messy wonderful pieces of it.
Living with a chronic illness, learning tough life lessons, and continually redefining what it means to thrive, she has a pulling on her heart to support women in developing a healthy body, loving marriage, and a flourishing faith.
Living intentionally and with purpose is best done when we are whole and healthy.
On the pages of this blog you will find encouragement for spiritual growth, recipes and tips for healthy eating, suggestions and recommendations for living with an illness, and inspiration for strong relationships.
We all have a story worth telling, we all have broken pieces in need of mending, and we are all worthy of God’s redeeming love. 
We pray that through Alison's words you will find encouragement to thrive and inspiration to live out your own redemptive story while tending to the beautiful details of daily life.
~ embrace the beauty in mundane moments, and find the blessings in the storms ~



Alison's Book is available!


My New Normal: Learning to Thrive with Chronic Illness

"My New Normal: Learning to Thrive with Chronic Illness is an honest and inspiring memoir of one woman’s experience confronting, and managing, chronic pain and illness. 

Through introspective moments of pain and doubt Alison Carter reveals how she was able to renew her faith and find peace, and she invites you on her search for answers as she navigates opinions and beliefs about illness, reflects on why we suffer, and discovers how to find purpose when normal no longer exists.

From the moment she admitted that something was wrong, and even up to her arrival at acceptance, Alison’s faith faced moments of both heartbreaking hesitation and uplifting renewal. Join Alison on her journey as she learns to define and redefine what it means to thrive while living with chronic illness."

Purchase at Westbow Press, Amazon, and many other online retailers. 



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