Ali Carter

Welcome to Life On Granite Ridge.

Why the name??

Granite Ridge is the name we have lovingly given to our country property. Located in the heart of Wisconsin we are surrounded by God’s beautiful creation.


The message here at Life On Granite Ridge is a simple one …
Be Inspired to thrive!
We all have a story worth telling, we all have broken pieces in need of mending, and we are all worthy of God’s redeeming love. 

What will you find here at Life On Granite Ridge?

I write about life… all of the messy wonderful pieces of it.
Here you will find encouragement to thrive in body and spirit, and inspiration to live out your own redemptive story while tending to the beautiful details of daily life.

~ embrace the beauty in mundane moments, and find the blessings in the storms ~

Most of what you'll learn here falls into the following topics ….

Cooking On Granite Ridge

  •  Cooking tends to be a family pastime at our house so you will find a lots of delicious recipes as you browse this site. Some are indulgent home cooking and some are cleaned up and healthified.
Wondering why we cook and eat the way we do? Read my article HERE about how I manage my illness through diet, and my food philosophy.

Living On Granite Ridge

  •  A once broken and now redeemed woman: I write from the heart about mistakes made, lessons learned, and the growth and beauty that can be experienced from it all. 

My Book

  • Learn more about my new book, My New Normal: Learning to Thrive with Chronic Illness, at my author website by clicking HERE.

  • My book can be purchased at Westbow and Amazon, and many other online retailers. 

 I post regularly on Instagram and Facebook between blog articles. Feel free to stop there for a visit!