Ali Carter

Welcome to Life On Granite Ridge.

My name is Ali Carter and I am the founder and voice behind this recipe and lifestyle blog. I am a self taught home chef and hostess. A lover of life's simple little luxuries. A wife to an amazing man (really...I can't imagine life without him), mother to two big-hearted and wonderful children... a sweet boy and an independent girl (in fact, you'll get to know my daughter, Alayna, through her writing and recipes on this blog), and a blessed stepmother to two awesome boys. I spend my days caring for our home, this beautiful family of mine, and tending to the details of life.

Although it's taken me a while to figure things out I've grown to realize that I am passionate about reintroducing people to food and offering them a glimpse into how they can find enjoyment from creating in the kitchen. I desire to cultivate life-enriching experiences, filled with joy and beauty, and to help others feel loved and well cared for.

To me this means creating a safe and loving home, a refuge for friends and family. Encouraging one another and allowing each other to define and redefine our own priorities in life.

It means taking time to savor that morning cup of coffee, to enjoy that glass of wine, and hug your loved ones. To fill your home with music that moves you and scents that entice you. It means spending time in the kitchen and discovering delicious foods. It means taking the time to learn how to fuel your body with foods that are nutritious and beautiful without getting caught up in diet trends or depriving ourselves.

I am still learning, growing, and maturing, still defining this passion and purpose of mine. But I do know that nothing makes me happier than gathering around a table with friends and family, and I believe that a fabulous meal can soften the hardest of hearts.

The twists, turns, and decisions that have brought me here writing and sharing with you have been interesting. 

My career had been in the healthcare field. I spent over 10 years as a caregiver to adults with developmental disabilities and then went on to manage a residential facility. From there I started my own company, employed on average 17 caregivers, and offered supportive home care to the elderly. Those years of owning and managing my business were scary and exciting, and allowed me to grow in many important ways. 

Then one day in early 2015, through a series of volunteer opportunities and industry connections, I found myself developing recipes featuring potatoes (my favorite little tuber!) and being published in The Badger Common'Tater Magazine. I have since done some cooking demonstrations throughout my beautiful state of Wisconsin and now I find myself featured on our local news talking about cooking and ...yep...potatoes. 

My husband is the CEO and co-owner of Bushman's Potatoes in Central WI. Prior to this position he spent 10 years as the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association. Because of him we have ties to growing operations and own packing sheds and dehydration plants. Through the times I was blessed to join him at potato events, and travel with him to industry gatherings, I have learned much about the potato. I have made wonderful friends in this community and volunteer my time promoting the industry. Thanks to my darling husband I can call my self a potato farmer's wife. This however does not mean that you'll find me in the fields on a tractor ;)

The experiences and connections that I have been blessed with sparked something in me and birthed Life On Granite Ridge. A place where I can share my love of cooking, baking, entertaining, and appreciation of family. 

Even while my days now lean toward life in the kitchen and managing this website and business I couldn't completely walk away from my roots as a caregiver. I still personally offer respite in our home and home care services to a few special clients that I adore. However, my career title is now "professional homemaker" and it is the most fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor ever! I am beyond grateful for this blessing and for where God has brought me!

I hope that you enjoy following along with this continued journey of mine and I look forward to sharing our little piece of heaven with you in our Life On Granite Ridge.

Meet Alayna:

Hello my name is Alayna, I am Ali's daughter, and I love to cook and bake. Even though I am only 15 (almost 16) years old I feel like I already know so much. I love to share my vast (-ish) knowledge of food to anyone who will listen, especially my mother. She gets a cooking lesson every time we are in the kitchen together. This is one of the many reasons why I am so excited to be contributing author to "Life on Granite Ridge". Of course when I grow up I am going to go to culinary school and hopefully I will own my own restaurant. But we'll see where life takes me.

Alayna Carter