Ali Carter

Welcome to Life On Granite Ridge.

Why the name??

Granite Ridge is the name we have lovingly given to our country property. Located in the heart of Wisconsin we are surrounded by God’s beautiful creation… and granite, piles of granite :)

My mission

I have a pulling on my heart to equip women to encourage one another to thrive in body and spirit while tending to the details of life.

~ embrace the beauty in mundane moments, and find the blessings in the storms ~

What will you find here at Life On Granite Ridge?

Life here on Granite Ridge is full, but most of what I share with you falls into the following categories….

Thriving with a Chronic Illness

2010 began a journey that has me defining and redefining what it means to thrive. Here I share my honest and thoughtful reflections of living with an autoimmune disease.

Read a bit more here: Brain Fog: Living with Chronic Illness and here: Making Assumptions, and Dancing the Night Away and here: My Health Story.

Cooking on Granite Ridge

I believe that there is nothing quite as special as gathering around a table with friends and family, and that a fabulous meal can soften the hardest of hearts!

It is possible to enjoy time in the kitchen without getting caught up in diet trends or depriving ourselves and yes… allowing yourself an occasional indulgence. Many of my recipes are based on my anti-inflammatory lifestyle, but occasionally you’ll find us enjoying some comforting-not-so-healthy dishes and desserts… it’s all about moderation my friends!

We are in the potato industry and I volunteer my time in different agriculture committees and events. I am also a recipe developer and write a monthly food column called “Ali’s Kitchen” for the Wisconsin Badger Common’Tater magazine, like this one here :

I have also had the opportunity to host cooking demonstrations throughout my beautiful state of Wisconsin and I find myself featured on our local news talking about cooking and ...yep...potatoes. Here is a video of me chatting about the healthy and elegant Hummus Stuffed Mini Baked Potato appetizers.

But, one of my very favorite potato creations are these creamy Champagne Mashed Potatoes.

My heart is happy when I am creating in the kitchen and if you ask any of my dear ones they will tell you that I love on people with food. While we can get pretty fancy in our Granite Ridge kitchen we also like simple fresh recipes like this delicious Basil Chimichurri Sauce that can be used in veggie chicken wraps for a quick dinner.

Browse the recipes for more deliciousness and subscribe HERE so you don’t miss out on any of the kitchen creations.

Living On Granite Ridge

As women we have the unique ability to truly make a house a home.

Home feels differently for each of us, but at it’s core home is a sanctuary, a place of belonging. Here you’ll find me pouring my heart out and sharing my struggles and joys of blending a family and being a wife, decorating our home, giving you a front seat to my project fails and triumphs, and sharing my small steps toward my version of homesteading.

Interested in what these things might entail? Take a look at our Maple Syrup Adventures, Attempts At Gardening But The Weeds Are Winning!, This Clawfoot Tub and I have a History, and An Old Farm Sink Is Given New Life.

Ministry On Granite Ridge

I have been blessed with heart warming opportunities to give back that have touched me deeply.

One way is through hosting MobilePacks and volunteering for Feed My Starving Children. I tell you how we began with this nonprofit here in my article Giving Back.

As certified marriage mentors for the Married For Life Ministry, and the additional responsibilities of being on the Leadership Team for this ministry, we have the joy of being a part of a group with a heart for marriage while guiding engaged couples on the path to a God-pleasing and fulfilling life together.

Together my husband, Mike, and I host Bible Studies using resources such as The Smart Stepfamily. Marriage is tough friends, but after a divorce, remarriage, and blending a family, family life can feel completely crushing at times. Understanding where God is in the mix of it all and knowing that there is support for you when you think you can’t go on is the saving grace during those difficult days. And, I promise you that in the end it is all so very worth the struggle. Five Things I’ve Learned About Motherhood.

I am also thrilled to announce that I am in the process of becoming a certified Christian Life Coach. I’ll keep you posted once I am ready to officially open that door!

My Book

I am writing a book. Ah, friends… do you have any idea how odd it feels to say that? But, it’s true. After a few years of feeling prodded to place words onto paper I am finally following that sometimes not so gentle push and putting myself out there. I am still in the editing phase but my hope is to reveal this personal story soon. Follow me on Facebook for updates, and please say some prayers for me as I step through the writing process…. Who Do You Think You Are?

Still curious??

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