Hello fellow foodie!

Food has always been a way to love on my friends and family, and time in the kitchen has provided a fabulous creative outlet for me.

I feel so fortunate that over the years this “hobby” has progressed into a really fun little gig!

The technical title would be Freelance Recipe Developer. While that sounds a bit formal in my mind I will admit that it is perfectly descriptive of what I do.

Along with occasionally sharing recipes and foodie insights with all of you here on this blog, at the beginning of 2015 I began to create, test and develop recipes, and write content for publications such as the Badger CommonTater Magazine which is distributed nationwide and is where I feature potato recipes in my monthly column; Ali’s Kitchen.

When developing new recipes I draw on my previous experiences as a home cook and baker, and I find inspiration in the meals and treats that I enjoy while traveling and exploring other communities. When I find something truly amazing I start rolling the ideas and ingredient lists through my mind and then tackle the recipe in my kitchen until I have created something that I enjoy and that I hope others will find delicious!

I am honored, and absolutely excited, for the opportunity to continue to share with readers in each of the upcoming Ali's Kitchen columns!

~ Alison