We were made to thrive. Yet, sometimes we lose our way.

When we wander from the path God intends for us it can be invaluably helpful to have someone walk alongside you as you place your feet back onto that path and take steps forward filled with calm and confidence.

~Better Together~

Marriage Ministry Team

Together as a couple Mike and Ali offer real, practical, and humorous insight into the peaks and valleys of a second marriage. Offering inspiration from their own failings and tools from God’s word, they desire to see couples bond, families strengthened, and marriages thrive no matter the obstacles faced.

Speaking presentations include:

  • 5 Ways To Protect Your Second Marriage
  • Loving and Thriving When One Spouse Is Chronically Ill

Presentations are typically an hour to an hour and a half, however Mike and Ali want to fill your unique need and will craft a presentation that works for your particular group or church.

Contact: LifeOnGraniteRidge@gmail.com to inquire about having Mike and Ali speak at your church or gathering.

Ready to Thrive? Want to get your feet planted in the right direction?

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

~ Romans 12:10

Christian Women’s Mentor 

Ali is a trained women’s mentor with a special place in her heart for women in second marriages, and women struggling to thrive with a chronic illness, while finding fulfillment in their roles as wives and mothers.

Through effective biblically based mentoring, purposeful listening, and asking just the right questions she equips women to form healthier relationships and happier more satisfying marriages. Through honest and heartfelt sharing she strives to inspire women while speaking at gatherings, churches, and women’s groups.

If you're looking for a "perfect" mentor, you won't find her here.

You won't find perfection in the life we live at Granite Ridge. The beauty that lies within our mistakes is the opportunities we find there to learn, grow, and extend ourselves a bit of grace. You won't find someone here with all of the answers.

What you will find ...

What you will find is a Christian mentor and speaker who is dedicated to you and has a heart for women, marriage, and blended families. Someone who deeply desires to see you thrive in body and soul and is willing to invest her own heart in helping you discover your unique ways to do just that.

Someone who will guide you, offer advice, and ask just the right questions to help you to tweak your thinking and habits

Speaking presentations include:

  • From Failing to Thriving (5 steps to ensure you do not lose yourself in chronic illness)

Contact LifeOnGraniteRidge@gmail.comLifeOnGraniteRidge@gmail.com and request information on mentor sessions and packages or to inquire about having Ali speak at your church or women’s gathering today!

Married For Life

~A Mount Olive Weston Ministry~

Marriage Mentoring

As certified Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) Facilitators, and a certified Marriage Mentor Couple, together Ali and Mike Carter have a shared motivation to see couples thrive in a strong and passionate marriage.

Both divorced, entering second marriages as they wed one another in 2008, and blending a family of six, they are primed with life experience and hours of training.

They come alongside couples to help show them the way. While having mentored couples in all stages of life, they have a special place in their hearts for blended families and second marriages.

Disclaimer: By participating in and/or reading these mentoring service/website/blog/emails/social media/articles you acknowledge that Ali is a mentor, author, and speaker and is not presenting herself as a professional therapist and does not provide any diagnosis, therapy, counseling, or treatment services. Mike is a mentor and speaker and is not presenting himself as a professional therapist and does not provide any diagnosis, therapy, counseling, or treatment services.
The services and writing offered do not replace the care of professionals .All decisions belong to the client/reader/listener. No promises are given or implied regarding the outcome of life or relationships.