They say that we get more from giving than receiving. I've never experienced that more than through my involvement in the Feed My Starving Children organization.

Since late 2010 my family and I have been a part of the FMSC organization through donating funds to their feeding programs, giving of our time volunteering at their permanent packing site in Minnesota, and hosting local MobilePack events.

(Read the story of my personal struggle, insecurity, and learning to let go and lean on others while trusting God to lead HERE.)

What is a MobilePack?

We work with the incredibly generous and talented members of our committees to organize local community volunteer support for these one to three day events. Together with those volunteers we hand-pack nutritious MannaPack meals specifically designed to reverse malnutrition. These ManaPack meals are then shipped through program partners to orphanages, medical facilities, and families around the world to ensure that hungry children receive the nutrition they critically need.

Feed My Starving Children organization

As a member of the FMSC Speakers Bureau I have the additional opportunity to be an advocate for starving children around the world.

With the amazing Feed My Starving Children staff and other trained speaking volunteers I share my passion and heart for FMSC and the work that they do through speaking at churches, businesses, and community organizations.

Feed My Starving Children organization

Interested in learning more? Have questions about how you can “give back”?

These links will help get you started…

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