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Ali Carter - Life Mentor & Christian Coach

Picture provided by the talented Ellie at Expressions Photography


Everyone has a story.

Mine isn’t any more difficult or easy than anyone else’s.

It is simply mine.


So, who am I?   Well …


I am a woman once broken, now mended and redeemed.

I am an author, blogger, speaker, and ministry leader.

I am a wife to an amazing man, a proud mother, and a blessed step-mom.

I am a lover of life's simple little luxuries. I spend my days writing, caring for our home and family, attending committee meetings, supporting my husband in any way he needs as he runs and operates an agriculture business (we're proud potato people!) …  you know, basically tending to the details of life.



Who doesn't love kisses in front of the Christmas tree?? OR...

... Under the apple trees??


I am a hugger, a voracious reader, a messy artist and DIY-er, professional recipe developer, blessed with the gift of hospitality, thriving with an autoimmune disease, and a believer in Jesus.  

Wheew! I think that about covers it!


Family moment captured a few years ago by Lisa at Bluesixteen


Life is full and often incredibly wonderful...


   I make no claims of perfection however.

You won't need to search very hard to discover my failures and hurts and struggles.

Yet, every tiny moment of each day, every discovery, experience, mistake, and lesson learned entwines together and creates my story. A story of redemption and an inspiration to thrive!


Want a glimps into a piece of my story?

Learn about my health and faith journey in my latest book!



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