Tuesday 22 May 2018
Posted by:  3:15 PM CST

When faced with a bowl full of bananas a bit too ripe to enjoy as is you bake up a batch of healthy(er) cakey banana muffins, right?! Right! 

Thursday 17 May 2018
Posted by:  3:50 PM CST

If you’ve been looking for THE most versatile meatball, a recipe that is low carb and flavorful, then stop right there my friends. I have just the recipe you've been searching for!

Tuesday 15 May 2018
Posted by:  4:56 PM CST

What if we're not well rounded women who excel at all our hand touches? Can God still use us?

Posted by:  11:22 AM CST

Comfort food at it's best! Rainy spring days call for vitamin packed zoodles tossed in a warm creamy sauce.

Posted by:  3:43 PM CST

Life tends to be complicated enough on it’s own, there is no reason that meal times should be stressful ordeals. Gather your family and toss together this super easy, light and fresh, salad perfect for summer and hearty enough to be called a meal! 

Tuesday 24 April 2018
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It often is an easy thing for to see the value in our children, family, and friends. But once in a while it becomes terribly difficult to consider that “valuable” and “significant” are words that should be applied to ourselves.

Thursday 19 April 2018
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Healthy living does not guarantee perfect health. But, making smart food choices can bring you closer to health and can offer you some control over your symptoms.

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Sweet but not too sweet, this moist cake has a light citrus flavor and a crumbly exterior. Plus, is it gluten free and has no refined sugars!

Thursday 12 April 2018
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Choosing to stop and take a moment to connect can go a long way in showing a friend that they are loved and valued.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Posted by:  7:27 PM CST

There are things we do not have control over and chronic pain and illness highlights this is brutal ways. But how will we choose to react? What will we choose to focus on?